Il gattopardo

Dresden, Oktober 2010

Sorry to dissapoint those who were expecting anything about the novel by Lampedusa. Though, watching those splendid cheetas in the Dresdner Zoo, how relaxed, yet majestic, as if owning the entire place, were, makes me see some of the traits of the noble man depicted in the book by the Italian writer. Few weekends ago I went with one of my cousins and his wife, to show them  the zoo here in Dresden. I’ve been there before, but it’s always a pleasure to revisit it. Although I’d rather have the animals in their own environments, one can see that they are loved and very well taken care of here. Some people’s love for animals astounds me, and, as I stated, it’s impressing how people here love and take good care of them. During the second World War the citizens from Dresden took the animals to their own houses and took care of them, since no one was doing it anymore due to the war.

This makes me think of all so many places where people don’t see it so, to put it nicely. Where because of indiference, malevolence and/or just lack of finance Zoos and animal shelters turn into real torture places for the animals. I say “animal” because I don’t have a better term, since we, Homo Sapiens, are as well animals. Maybe I’m not gonna make many friends by stating this, but I don’t think that just because we are able to create machines and tools to serve us, or because we can fly to the outerspace it would make us any superior than any other creature. The cheetah is still the fastest animal, and I am waiting for the day when a human will be able to run, without any device to help him or her, faster than it. The cheetah is waiting too. Sprawled layzily, yet majestic, on a heated by the sun rock, and seeming like to own the entire place.


3 thoughts on “Il gattopardo

  1. Thank you for being willing to state your convictions despite the fact that some may disagree. Mistreatment of animals is testament to human beings’ need to overpower and control 😦

    Lovely kitty 🙂

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