Are you looking at me?

Moritzburg, Oktober 2010

I really like the “Ugly Duckling” story by Andersen. I’m one of those people who like stories of “underdogs” that manage to overcome all the hardships and make it big and this is one of those stories. Well, the little duck doesn’t make it big, it only turns into an amazingly beautiful swan, but the story is such a good metaphor. I won’t start now with a long lecture about how not to judge based only on appearances and about how many of those desconsidered, and/or mocked by their peers and not only, turned to become really somebody.

This picture I took at Moritzburg, a castle surrounded by a lake and a park, and, finally, the forest. On one side of the lake there’s a place where swans, ducks, gees and other water birds gather to get fed by visitors. And people come, people bring bags full of all their old bread and cakes and what not, and feed the birds. It’s a lot of fun, especially for children. And even if you don’t have something for them with you, but you get close to the shore in that part of the lake, they still come to you, asking for food. It’s not that they would be starving. On the contrary, many come to feed them, and they also have their own food and what they can catch in the nature. It’s astounding how much people here love animals.


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