The sandstone giants at Bastei

Bastei, Oktober 2010

Do you have a place where you go every year, like a place for vacation, or just for visit; a place that made it like into an yearly ritual to just go there and see it? For us, this place is Bastei, in what is called Sächsische Schweiz, at only 1 hour of drive from where we live. The place itself is amazingly beautiful and, also, unique in the world. There are these rocks of sandstone erroded and shaped by time and weather. From the top of these rocks one can see the Elbe, and, depending on how clear the air and the weather is, the whole surrounding region, including the Festung Königstein fortress, which is built on top of another such similar rock formation.

While the Bastei is always spectacular, we prefer going there in autumn, because to the dramatic landscape adds the infinite shades and colors of nature in autumn. Top that with a sunny, blue sky day, and everything is perfect. What I would like to find would be folk stories about how these rocks formed. In popular mythology, in various culture, usually mountains are formed from different heroes, normal people or giants, turned into stones, by some deity or not, for whatevers reason. Who knows, maybe such giants were turned into sandstone at Bastei too, and what I captured in my picture there are toes from the foot of one of such giants. Or at least this is how they look to me.


3 thoughts on “The sandstone giants at Bastei

  1. Does going “home” – you know which one – for holiday count?
    For us it is quite a ritual. We even pack our dog and cat for the journey 🙂

    Other than that, when I was younger the family ritual – like every family in Romania I think…. was going to the seaside – Black Sea. Mom being a teacher, it was always Navodari 🙂 Nothing too spectacular except for the huge masses of children and strict rules like only 5 minutes in the water for each “section” of the beach all signaled by different coloured flags, and funny tasting food, and camp discos that started at 8.30 and ended at 9.30 because at 10 all the lights had to be put out, and silly pranks like toothpaste on doorknobs and the Apolodor Penguin Cartoon being screened each and every year as the peak event of the camp….and …

    Hmmm… memories! I haven’t been to the seaside since 1994….

    1. Hey, nice to see you here 🙂
      Yeah, of course it counts. Now depends what is for each “home”.
      I never had the “pleasure” to go to summer camps in those times, so I’ve never experienced this life, but I guess for you was something you couldn’t avoid. Did you at least like it a bit? Was it fun for you, or at some point it became more of a duty than something entertaining?

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