Music as a journey

Apocalyptica, Dresden 2010

I finally saw a band I was wishing to see live for many, many years. It’s a long story about missed opportunities, but I finally made it. And, of course, had to take also tons of pictures. At such degree that, at the end of the show, someone asked me what I am doing with all the pictures I took.

The show was incredible. It is amazing what can do three guys with cellos and one guy at drums (some times at cello too). It is only the stage, these crazy Finns and the public. No other “schnick-schnack”, as we say here in Germany. But the atmosphere they created gave the sensation of a gig on a huge stadium and with a thousand fire works. I’ve never seen such a positive, not only good, mood at a metal concert. I’ve never seen the members of a metal band (because that’s what they are, in the end) to smile so much – to us, the public, and to each other.

The performance was absolutely amazing too. What they can do with those cellos, it’s impossible to imagine. While playing the cellos, the guys were dancing and jumping and singing. They spun and lifted around those cellos as if they were twigs. The guys connected wonderful with the public, talking to it, smilling and encouraging it. The whole mood was great and positive. I never left a concert in my life feeling so energetic and in a good mood.

This picture depicts Perttu, in the dim light of the stage. I love how the light carves partialy the shapes of his face, body and cello. I think it encapsules the essence of this band, even with the apparently gloomy aura in this picture, but hey, they are singing metal, dark stuff!


2 thoughts on “Music as a journey

  1. Finally, a group of innovative musicians. I would have loved to be in the room and hear how they decided to group up with cellos and play metal.

    Thanks for the introduction; I’ve never heard of these guys.

    1. Glad it caught your attention 🙂 And you’re welcomed.

      They are from Finland, and as a band for quite a long time actually. Initially they were supposed to make one album with covers of Metallica tunes, but played on cellos. Then they saw that people like their stuff, so they stayed as a band, and quite a successful one.

      Now, I’m curious how you find them, after you’d listen to some of their stuff.

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