A bit of history

Pillnitz, Oktober 2010

I wonder if the, now former Soviet soldier, or his offsprings did or will ever walk through Pillnitz and see this inscription. The same about all the other inscriptions left by soldiers of the Red Army on different walls in Dresden. I wonder if any of those who left such a tiny mark in places and times with historical importance had ever get to walk by them again, later on. How would they feel, seeing them again, after a long time? And, when they made them, did it ever occur to them what significance such a little scratch can have, for many, many years?


4 thoughts on “A bit of history

  1. Great questions. I often wonder what people’s purposes are when they “leave their mark” with words in concrete, pictographs, petroglyphs, spray paint, etc.

    1. I don’t think they fully realize the significance of this “mark leaving”. I guess there’s just some sort of impulse to mark the territory, the place, like some scribble their names on park benches. For us, though, those who come later and make the connections with the events that surrounded that mark or just with the times when it was left, is a totally different story…

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