Autumn with sepia tones

Pillnitz, Okt. 2010

Pillnitz is one of the many Barock castles in Saxony, placed on the Elbe’s shore. I’ve visited it first in 2008, inside and outside. Since then I keep returning every year, in different seasons. The building complex is big, now housing museums and souvenir shops. The buildings have elements specific to the time when they were built, with lots of Oriental influences. On the walls are paintings inspired by the Chinese drawings on porcelain, in warm and beautiful colors, while the roofs of the buildings remind of roofs of Chinese pagodas.

What’s even more beautiful, though, is the beautiful park inside and around the complex. And in this park there are many, many squirrels that are not so afraid of humans, and dare to get very close to you. I will put up, one day, some pictures of the complex and the squirrels. Until then, this photograph will do – I like the atmosphere, the perspective and the feeling of a last sunny day of autumn.


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