The great pyramid… at Louvre


Louvre, Paris 2009

I still remember the discussions that surrounded the building of the glass pyramid in front of the museum of Louvre. It’s understandable, because there’s always the possibility that such a modern shape and construction might not fit the old architecture of the museum. I guess now, even if probably there still are pro and contra discussions, the pyramid already is intergrated in the landscape of the museum, and many wouldn’t be able to imagine the Louvre without it.

I was there only once, and it was already dark. Since it was a holiday (Fete de la musique) I assume it was open until later, since the courtyard was full, and there was a long line at the museum entrance. Of course, in the dark the effect of the lights seen through the pyramide and reflected in the still water of the fountains is spectacular. A visit by night, of the place, is well worth the trouble. (I didn’t visit the museum, since I didn’t have enough time for it, but it’s a good reason the return to Paris.)


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