Paris, mon amour

Paris, 2009 (Centre Pompidou)

Paris (France) is one of those places one can either love it or hate it. When I went there, I tried to push away, in my mind, all those cliches about this city. While I visited all the mandatory places to visit, like the Eiffel Tower & Co., I tried also to digg under the touristy surface. And the city I discovered there is the Paris I fell in love with. The narrow streets, the art stores, the combination of architecture styles, from 12th to 19th century and even to 21th century, the little fashion and jewelry boutiques and the many, many cafes and restaurants. I remained, although, in the center of the town, I didn’t venture outside it, except to see Le Corbousier’s magnificent work at La Defense.

The photograph today features one of the sides of Centre Pompidou. Although a very modern spot in an otherwise typical old part of Paris, it didn’t seem missplaced, to me. And, of course, the colors and all the patterns made by the outside structure are a delight for any photographer. For this particular picture, I played a bit with the recently discovered – by me – Photoshop Actions.


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