New face for the Weasel’s blog

Lichtenwalde, 2010

I’m still learning about WordPress, but yesterday managed to finally come up with a layout and be happy with it. I was so tempted to brag about it, but I refrained myself. I have this sort of… “superstition”: if I tell around about stuff I am doing or plan to do, than the respective thing won’t happen anymore, the plan won’t get put in reality. I always refrain myself from saying to others: “I’m thinking of doing this and that” or “I have this idea about this project…”, because then it somehow remains only that – a project, an idea. While I think superstitions and all sorts of beliefs are only mumbo-jumbo, there are some things like that one described above, that I cannot give up.

The picture from today was taking in the beautiful garden at the Lichtenwalde Schloss. It was in the spring, many flowers were already in blossom, the grass was green, but because of the long winter, the trees didn’t have leafs yet.


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