Some thoughts, and a moving sculpture to match them

Dresden Neustadt, Mai 2010

As a creative person that never been to an art/photography school/course/whatever, I try to compensate the lack of. Or at least I think so. I like to take photographs also for the “information” they convey. Other said, for me is important also to tell something with the pictures I take. When I see something hilarious or strange, something unusual, I like to take photographs of it, even if maybe the quality is not 110%. I also believe in the journalistic role of a photograph, even if it only depicts a sunset or a coffee mug, to put it in other words.

I guess that, though, lately I’ve forgot this “credo” of mine, and I focused more on the “visual quality” of the pictures, since, I guess, I feel a bit handicaped by the lack of a formal education in this direction. Then, today I realized, the pictures I want to show the world have also to present something interesting, as I feel like what I’ve been posting lately might have been visually pleasant (I hope), but rather uninteresting (or lame).

A bit background for this particular picture: a beautiful mobile sculpture in wood with glass. It is situated in Neustadt, a part of Dresden, where live (and work) a lot of “alternative” people, young people, artists. There are also a lot of art, arts and cratfs, hand-made things shops, and of course pubs, clubs, restaurants and many many more. The old buildings there are crossed by all sorts of passages, in which one can find little shops, cafes or restaurants, and these passages are usually decorated with different pieces of art.


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