Let the Blogs Roll (2) – Cooking Blogs

I’m not a cooking fanatic, but sometimes I just feel the urge to spend some time preparing something and then enjoying it. I like the colors of fresh vegetables, just washed, with drops of water sparkling on them. On the other hand, for us there’s always this moment, in any give day, when the question “What are we eating today?” arises and from that point on starts a real struggle for coming up with ideas for what we should buy/cook/eat. So I guess, letting aside the beautiful (delicious) food pictures some of these blogs post, they can really be of good help. Personally, I always hated it trying to cook something from a cook book, because most of the times the result was a major fail. And if maybe the first time succeded, the second or the third time I was trying this receipt, it would fail. I prefer not the “official” and “published” cooks, but the receipts common people try out or come up with and then they share with the (internet) public. Also, in all these “official” cook books (well not all, but many) the things they present there and the ingredients are so exotic and rather complicated, some cannot even be found in shops. I started only recently into digging up cooking blogs on the net, but I got instantly sucked into it, letting my eyes “feast” on the food pictures.

I guess there are so many cooking blogs out there, that they needed their own search engine, at Food Blog Search. One blog that really got me into trying some of the receipts posted there is Smitten Kitchen. There are plenty of receipts like I want them: not very complicated, fit for a diet (or adjustable), and not very much time demanding. Another one blog, nicely written, interesting receipts and beautiful pictures, is The Wednesday Chef.

Nowadays there’s a rising interest in Japanese culture, I suspect as a result of all the kids grown up with Japanese cartoons and mangas and animes, kids who now turn into teen agers and young adults. But also I am a fan of Japanese culture (well, more the old one). Along with so many things, the Bento box is now a part of this culture too. What’s a Bento box? Well, did you see on the net these cute pictures of food? Oh, yeah, food can be also cute. Just Bento is a blog held by a Japanese woman now living in Europe. Here one can find many recipes and infos for preparing such a box – Bento boxes are some sort of Japanese lunch boxes. But as anything Japanese, they had to turn it into an art. I am not going to reveal more about it. And after so much food talk, I’ll end here by saying “Bon Apetit”.


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