Let the Blogs Roll (1)

One of my favorite ways to waste time on the net is to get into one of them design blogs and there to look what lists of blogs they have. I “spring” from there into another blog or three or twenty. Then, from each of those, to take another leap to the next five or thirty five. There are so many wonderful things on the net, eye-candy or to read… it’s hard to pick favorites, so I make lists.

When working on a project and need a nice color palette/scheme, guaranteed you’ll find one on Color Collective. They pull color schemes out from different artworks, pictures and what not , thus creating a wonderful resource for designers and not only.

Well, this is a website, but there’s also a blog, and both are worth spending some time browsing. Janet Hill caught my attention with the uniqueness (at least for me) of her paintings. We live in an era when, due to photography and video, painters don’t have to struggle anymore to make their paintings to reflect 1:1 the reality. Her paintings, though, in a style reminding the beginning of the 20th century painting style, present a mundane reality very refreshing and extraordinry through exactly it’s “ordinary”. It’s a woman’s reality, the woman’s universe, with he passion for shoes, fancy dresses, and small beautiful things. I think that, in time, in an era when people will have already colonized planets,  her paintings will have the same documentational  value as those from, for example, Dutch Golden Age, about the life of your usual, ordinary people. Well, in this case, woman.



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